My favorite things / Soft old sandals

I have a pair of very ordinary sandals. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.58.07 PM.png

I bought them at Target about three years ago, for a mere $12.99+tax. There's nothing very remarkable about them-- they are a mass-produced faux leather with a simple neutral braid design. But with every year I treasure them more. The straps have loosened with time and the leather texture has broken down and softened with every beach trip, summer stroll, and brisk walk to campus. I remember when one of my bridesmaids wore these sandals down the aisle at our wedding; I remember bringing these sandals to my first trip to Hawaii earlier this year and wearing them to Mama's Fish House. It's funny that these simple little shoes age and morph to fit my foot in a way I haven't found with more expensive versions. A cheap throwaway shoe purchase has surprisingly crept its quiet and unassuming way into my heart.