Little wine trip

I just wrapped up a big summer project with InterVarsity called Marketplace Bay Area. After 9 long months of planning and then hosting the project over the last 7 weeks in a household filled with bright-eyed college students, I've been enjoying the past few days of quiet, staying home, and enjoying the little things. 

The day right after the project ended was a cloudy and gloomy early August day. David and I took a mini day trip north to find some sunshine. We found ourselves at the newish Ram's Gate Winery-- just a short 40 minute drive up on the way to Sonoma County. 


We drove up with our good friends Brett and Kelsey, and sure enough we found just a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds! 


Ram's Gate is famous for their Pinot Noirs. We got to taste a few-- and loved them! It was relaxing being in their open and beautiful tasting room. My favorite parts were the wine bottles that lined the walls and the vast vaulted ceilings.


Sitting outside in the warm air was nice too, and on the way down to the pond at the edge of the winery we helped ourselves & sampled some of the wine grapes right off the vine! 


It was a relaxing and wonderful day filled with delicious wine and tasty food, not to mention good conversations with friends. We can't wait to go back!