It's a start

It’s a new year, and time for new beginnings. I’ve always wanted a space to write, share, and document life’s little moments, so here we go. I’ll buy myself a nice margarita at the end of the year if this blog is still going by December!

Penelope is now 6 months old, and it’s been a big season of milestones for her. It feels like she learned to sit up on her own overnight, and David and I started the dreaded sleep training process (more on that later). We moved her over to her own room this past week-- David says it’s felt like a vacation to not have her in our room in the evenings (no more tiptoeing around and keeping the lights super dim after 8pm). It feels nice to have our own space back with all her things moved to her own space, but I admit that I miss having her so close by.

The day before we returned to work, we cleaned up our rooms for a fresh start.